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Along with photography, I divide my time between clay and metal - throwing what I call 'plop-pots' and welding found-metal sculptures.  This results in a surplus of finished pieces which I give away to family, friends and neighbors.

I don't sell my artwork so to give away my surplus printed images to strangers, I've created From Me 2 U.

I print my images on canvas and then apply a varnish which protects them from scratches and moisture.  While out shooting, I place one under the windshield wipers of a random car/truck with the following note :

From Me 2 U 



Moody Beach

Sonoma Coast


I visit this beach often and find it's many incarnations fascinating.


Red Door


The red door and OPEN sign caught my eye one day while strolling around the town of Sonoma.


Pomegranates in a Bowl

Bodega Bay


Land's End


Every year I pick a bowlful of pomegranates from our tree to be the centerpiece of our Thanksgiving table. 

Meyer Lemons & Onions

Lemons with Onions


Rodeo Beach

I shot these lemons on my kitchen counter in natural light.

Thistle at the Ruins


The path to the ruins of Sutro Baths provides a wonderful view of the Pacific.  As it plunges down the cliff to the old pools the vegetation is rampant, including these thistles with their purple blooms.



Fort Bragg

This composite is of the Golden Gate Bridge along with lots of texture and some text.

Mare Island

Fort Bragg

Mare Island Naval Shipyard is no longer a working concern but the buildings there are wonderfully colorful.  This yellow one with orange trim caught my eye with it's interesting duct work.

Pier 24 1/2


I enjoyed the train tracks curving towards the Bay.

Noyo River Harbor

San Francisco

This old boat is still afloat even though it doesn't look too water tight.

Sutro Bath Ruins

Goat Rock

This was one of my first attempts at adding texture to an image.  It's down from the Cliff House at Land's End.



Salmon Creek

This was an exercise in blending the faces and some crumpled packaging paper which I had scanned into my computer.

Day Lily

Blind Beach

This lovely orange Day Lily plant was given to me about 10 years ago by a work mate who had it in her family for 20 years!  

Great Blue Herons

Heron Stamp


Westside Rd

This is a composite of 2 herons in the style of the old botanical prints.


Bridge Dreams

Bridge Dreams

Monte Rio


Bodega Bay             

This is the 1st image I've given away to a stranger, not just putting it on the windshield of a vehicle, but actually taking to him etc. I liked it and will try it more often.

Crimini Mushrooms



Land's End

I shot these mushrooms just before slicing them up for dinner.

Neon Pomegranates

Neon Pomegranates


San Francisco 

I was trying for more color when I edited theses pomegranates.  This is the 2nd try with a still life of pomegranates, see the first image in this list.





This is edited in the style of old botanical prints.  I shot it at the Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco. This female octopus is 4 years old and beautiful!

2 on a Bench

Two on a Bench

Great Highway

I shot this near Crissy Field in San Francisco.

Fish in the Window


Taken through the shop window in San Francisco's Chinatown.  I liked their colors as well as them being so flat - don't know the name of these fish.


Library Light


Gift for retiring manager of this branch.  

Coastal Ranch

Lupines & Barns

Hwy 1

I drive by this picturesque ranch whenever I visit the Coast. I was lucky enough to meet the owner while she was out walking her dog and give her this image in person - perfect timing.

Cape Ommaney

Moon Above the Fleet

Bodega Bay

This is another image I personally gave to the owner of the fishing vessel pictured here, in exchange for a cup of the best Clam Chowder on the Coast!  He and his son catch the Crab and Wild King Salmon for their business and tiny eatery, Spud Point Crab Company. 

Justine Marie

July 4  :  Bodega Bay

Unfortunately, the Justine Marie is now owned by Sonoma County to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.  I gave the image to the young man who was working on the pier where she used to be berthed.

Makela Boatworks

Fort Bragg

Santa Rosa

I found this old wooden building backed up to the Noyo River on my first visit to the harbor.  It has rails extending into the river to allow boats to be hauled inside for repairs. 

Noyo River Queen

Home in the Harbor

Noyo Harbor

I had been looking for the owner of this old gal to give him this canvas print, but with no luck.  As I was returning to my truck I passed a fenced area and there he was with his 2 dogs - what timing that was! So another print given away to the person involved with the subject of my image - I love it!

Propeller & Lines

Santa Rosa

I donated this image of the insides of a propeller engine to the local air museum where I had shoot it years ago.  It's sort of a special interest image so I thought a plane buff would appreciate it more than a stranger.


Twin Huts

Monte Rio

Santa Rosa

I pass these twin quonset huts on the way to the coast.  The far one grills the best hot dogs while the near one is a surf shop. 

Ready to Go


I gave a print to the owner of this water touring company on the Russian River who owns these kayaks. 

Blue Wheelbarrow & Door

Blue Wheelbarrow & Door


This is the kitchen door at a wonderful bakery which only bakes in a wood-fired brick oven to produce WONDERFUL baked goods. I left it for the owner whom I had just missed.

River Dock

River Dock

Fort Bragg

This is the rowing club dock on the Noyo River which I edited in a graphic technique. I gave the owner a canvas print - I love doing that.

Skunk Train

Steam Engine #45

Fort Bragg

This steam engine was decked out in all her 4th of July flags.  It's the Skunk Train which runs between Fort Bragg and Willits.  I gave a canvas print to the engineer who was driving it that day - fun.

Bottles with Glasses

Good to the Last Drop

Fort Bragg

I donated this image for the silent auction of a wine festival benefiting the local fire department .  I don't shoot many still lifes so this was a challenge. 

Mendocino Cabin

Mendocino Cabin


I searched for the owner of this old wooden cabin finding she owned a local restaurant.  Although she wasn't there, the bartender said he would give it to her.  I wish I could have done that in person, I like to talk to the people who get my images.

Golden Gate Bridge & Point Lime


This was shot from Fort Baker on the northeast side of the Golden Gate Bridge.  The little building under the bridge is Point Lime, an old light station - one of my most favorite buildings.



Noyo River 

This wooden fishing vessel, built in 1946 by Sausalito Boat Building Works may have seen better days, but for me she is perfect.  This is one of my favorite images. I'm send the owner a canvas print, I hope he likes it as much as I do.

Pt Arena Pizza

Trestle Bridge

If you're ever in Pt Arena, on the coast of Northern California, you must have a slice here at the fishing pier.

Rex' Truck

Rex' Water Truck

Fort Bragg

This old truck is a favorite subject to shoot. I believe it belongs to a guy who owns a boat nearby,  equally old and interesting.

Noyo River

Noyo River Berth

Fish Hatchery

Another favorite place to shoot in Mendocino County.

New Sea Angler

Porto Bodega

I was fortunate enough to find the owners of this sport fishing boat to give them a canvas print. This always makes my day. The crab pots are on the dock because crab season was closed due to a toxic algae.

Wheel & Sprocket


Sonoma Coast

This image went to a bicyclist who was stopped along the coast road enjoying the fantastic view and spring sun.