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Upholstery Tacks & Carpet Nails

This is the 1st in a series of experiments adding various materials to clay. 

Before firing these boxes to 2232°F, I pushed in copper carpet tacks, steel carpet tacks and round topped upholstery tacks.

The 2 boxes on the left are shown post firing.

Melting Points

Copper 1981°F   &   Steel 2500°F

Here you can see the trail of melted copper running from the empty tack hole in the corner. The copper tack is completely gone.

With a higher melting point than copper, the steel tacks in this little box didn't totally melt. The shafts started to melt and boil, oozing and pushing up the nail from the clay while the heads softened and puffed up.

These steel upholstery tacks look almost the same as the original ones - just somewhat softened.

All of the metal tacks changed color to a dull grey, even the copper. I don't know why the upholstery tacks were less melted than the carpet tacks since both boxes were on the same shelf in the kiln getting the same heat saturation - perhaps the size difference . . . ?